Sunday, 31 July 2011

When You Pray

My Children,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, your heavenly Father, the author of your days. When you pray, you must be open to my grace. Open your hearts to Me. Allow me to enter your souls. Give me permission to do whatever I see fit. I need to mold you into powerful receptacles of my mercy, and love for the world. But Children, you must consider this quality time with Me! Do not rush through prayer! Give importance to every word you pronounce. Give importance to the words as they touch  your soul, and reach my Divine Heart. Brand every word into your mind, onto your heart, and in your spirit. Pray that these words will affect your body, and make it holy. Prayer will make you enter into a special relationship with Me. Prayer will open up your storehouses in Heaven, allowing Me to pour out my blessings upon you, and all those you love. Do not recite empty prayers, for you will reap nothing. Give meaning to prayer in your life. The more time you consecrate to prayer, the more I will bless you. This is a truth few of my Children understand. Look around you... How many people do you see in prayer as you go about your daily activities? Prayer needs to be everywhere. It needs to be public. It needs to be in your schools, in your parliaments. Give prayer a place of honor in your society. Should you refuse Me, I will act. I will send purification, and trials to  many nations of the world who shut me out... Be warned! Put me first! Place prayer at the very top of your to-do lists! Give Me a place of honor in your lives! Place Me on your to-do list!  Do it now.  I command you all to pray, to pray with the heart, to pray with every fibre of your being! Hear Me. Change your ways while there is time. You need to grow close to Me. Time is of the essence. I promise to bless you beyond imagination when you do. Remember, I always keep my promises! Shalom 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I Invite You To Attend Holy Mass

Children of my Divine Heart,
Rejoice! I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, your Risen Lord! Prepare for what is to come! Prepare to meet Me! Time is of the essence. You must draw closer to Me. I have created you for My glory. Pray. I invite you to attend Holy Mass, and to receive Me in the Holy Eucharist. You must receive Me in a worthy fashion! Do not come to Me without reciting an act of contrition, or going to confession! Your actions will call down my judgement if you break my precepts. Receive Me in all humility. I Am is truly present on all the altars of the world at the moment of consecration!! I give myself freely to you out of love. I desire that you receive Me as often as possible. Many of you fail to attend mass because you judge my Sons... I tell you solemnly that mass is the perfect prayer. Nothing can replace it. Attend in all thanksgiving for soon it will be impossible for many of you to receive Me by means of the Eucharist. Soon, spiritual communions will be your only way to receive me on Earth. Freemasons of the world have devised a plan to destroy My church! They act as we speak...  Remember always, that priests are vessels of my mercy, and love, and if they fail Me, they will answer to Me! Reconcile my children. Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive your priests, and support them. I need warriors. Those who bring criticism to the priesthood, those who tarnish that holy vocation will be purified by Me! They will answer for every soul that has strayed, or been lost. They will regret their frivolity, their sinful behavior, their neglect of duty, and of prayer.  Many of them suffer at the hands of men. Some of my most Holy Consecrated Souls suffer unjustly because of you. I will not stand for this. Pray for vocations. Pray so that generous hearts will accept their call to the priesthood! I call  millions of young men each day. Millions! Have you seen the empty seminaries of the world! My call falls on deaf ears, and hardened hearts! I need priests! Children of Light, each of your tears will call down my judgement on priests unworthy of their vocation , but you still need them to consecrate! You need the Holy Mass! Through it, I will transform the world! Do not doubt my words. Accept them into your heart, and  trust in Me. I call you to holiness. I call you to attend Holy Mass daily.  I call you to help my priests in this hour of purification. Even though their flesh is weak, their hands are anointed to serve, to consecrate, to bless, to absolve. I Am needs them during this time of battle. Support them. Pray so that they will reform their ways. When you pray for their intentions, I will send the graces they need to serve in all holiness. Bless your priests, and I will in turn bless you with manifestations of my glory at consecration. I will enflame your souls for my glory as you receive Me in the Eucharist. You will burn with the fire of my love. Hear Me! Forgive. I will do the rest.  

Friday, 29 July 2011

Live In, By, and For the Spirit

Children of Love,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord of All. Hear Me. I desire to instruct you. What I have to share is crucial to your eternal destination. My Children, once you open your hearts to Me, and then give me permission to enter, I will take hold of your hearts. However, you must also invite my Holy Spirit to dwell within each morning. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are indispensable. You must access these, learn to use them, for they will truly transform you. Of course, you are of the flesh, but many of you deny the fact that you are also of the Spirit. You are creations of My Spirit, made in My image. Therefore, you must invite the Paraclete to reign in your souls. Doing this will draw you much closer to Me. Doing this will facilitate your transition from this world to the next. My Spiritual Realm is known to many of my Children of Light. Many of them have in fact seen Heaven, and Hell. Remember always, that all you do must be spirit driven. Keep your eye on Me. Live in, by, and for the Spirit. My Spirit is love, compassion, joy, and peace. Allow it to take over your bodies, and you will be joined to the communion of Saints. I love you, my Little Ones. Remain in union with your God, in Spirit. I leave you my Triune blessing. Shalom

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Change My Little Ones, Change For My Glory

Children of the Most High,
I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the King of Kings. I desire to reign in your heart forever. I call you to obedience. I call you to worship Me. I call you to love as never before. Children, as you look around you, do not be troubled. You must trust Me completely. I Am controls every situation in your life. Believe Me when I say that trials are sent to you to purify you, and to help you grow in love. I desire to transform you into ambassadors of my Mercy, and Love. I am rejected by most of my Children. I Am weeps. I sit on my heavenly throne, and gaze down at the Earth to see many of those I love breaking my commandments. I hear your every word. I know your every thought. You can not hide from Me! Don't think that I Am is fooled by your hardened hearts, your selfish ways. I know your motives! I know the secrets of your heart! I command you to be honest with yourself, to be honest with Me, your King, and to be honest with the world. If you have no faith in Me, I Am has faith in you, and believes that you are up to the challenge. Change my Little Ones, change for my glory. I remain closer to you than ever. Many of you will feel my presence as you read Me. I love you. I love you with an everlasting love. Remain in my  love. I Am prunes you of your desire to be have things...  I will show you how to seek out the true riches: spiritual blessings beyond imagination. Shalom

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I Need Prayer Warriors

My Little Ones,
I love you so. I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I invite you to stop your condemnations, and your judgements, forever. This is my domain. When you judge, you do not model my great love. You shut your hearts to love, and you think you are acting with my approval. Such is never the case. Many of my children of Light have been executed all over the world. Some of my children are in your prisons. I have placed them there to convert, not to die. I do not have a death penalty. I hand out life sentences in Hell. Hear Me. Stop what you are doing. Allow me to reign. Allow me to show you when you err. My Little Ones, Freemasons of the World desire to control the world. They will start by creating division, and have planned many attacks all over the world. They want Christians to come under fire. Prepare for what is to come. Pray. Fast. Each nation of the world needs to have prayer warriors before my throne. Would you become a prayer warrior this day? I invite you to join in the Spiritual Battle which is unfolding. Many souls hang in the balance. Many of my Children are lukewarm, indifferent, neglectful of their duties. Realize that until you draw your last breath, you are all mine, my Children by creation, my Children by adoption, my Children by association, my lost Children... I need an army of prayer warriors. This is the mandate of many of my Children of Light. Pray. But also, offer up thanksgiving to Me, the Great I Am, even for the trials that befall you. Thanksgiving touches my heart. When you show Me that you rely completely on Me, my heart will bless you even more. For some of you, learning to rely completely upon Me will take practice. Such is my desire for this new day. I command you all to pray so that my Master Plan will come to fruition. I leave you my kiss of peace. Shalom

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Children of Hope for the World

Hear Me. Your father calls. I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Rejoice. This day, I promise to guide you in your walk to holiness. I promise to be there with you every step of the way! My children, change must be anchored in your heart. Through your acceptance of change, I will be able to function. Give me your lives. Pray. Pray. Pray. Fast. Attend Holy Mass. Reform your ways. I have given you all that you need to be holy: sacraments, my Holy Word to nourish your souls. Take at least 5 minutes each day to read the scriptures. Be faithful. I Am desires to instruct you. Start where you will. As soon as you open your eyes, and before you retire at night, thank Me for the miracles I will do in your life. Thank Me first. Then ask with an open heart for my blessing. If you cling to Me, you will want for nothing. If you abide in Me, you will become receptacles of my glory to the entire world. I am looking for instruments of mercy. I am looking for hearts willing to obey, and to serve. Obedience is key. I leave you my kiss of peace. Shalom

Monday, 25 July 2011

Give Me Permission

Children of my Creation,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, your God. I call you now to enter into a relationship with Me. Many of you have shut me out or turned your backs to Me. I Am, the Broken-Hearted King, desires to restore your heritage of glory. You are all children of the King of Hearts, the King of Kings. Many of you have given me a part of your heart. You keep certain chambers from Me. You refuse to allow Me entry into every part of your heart. You hide from Me. Certain parts of your heart have been taken over by sin, and you hang on to these dearly. You will not give up control of these areas of your lives. Children, I am hurt by this behavior. I do not want to be content in knowing that I have access to a small percentage of your heart. I want it all. I want to reign supreme in you. Give me your entire heart to command. This way, the Deceiver will lose his grip on you, and I will be able to bless you, to mold you, to transform you into powerful receptacles of my mercy, of my compassion, of my joy, of my peace, and of my truth for the world. Will you cooperate with Me? Will you accept this invitation from Me? I loved you first.  I know what each of you needs best. My Master Plan encompasses all the children of the world. It affects each one of you, and is designed to make each one of you grow to perfection. Will you finally give me permission to reign in your heart for good? I Am. I Am Love! Would that be so terrible? Ponder these words. You will then understand the degree to which you condemn Me, your King, to suffer, since the creation of the world. I leave you my Triune blessing. Those who accept this invitation will grow quickly into missionaries of my great love for all humanity. Shalom

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wake Up, My Little Ones!

Children of the World,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, your Father. Hear me. Many of you remain oblivious to my communications of love. Many of you doubt my very existence, and motives. Do you not know that I created you all for my glory? I created you to serve Me. Yet many of you have your own little agendas. Look around you, Children! There is much poverty, sickness, despair. I have granted many blessings to mankind since the beginning of time... Millions of blessings have poured down upon the Earth. Many graces have also remained unclaimed. Children, many of you have selfish hearts. You seek your own advancement, your own happiness, your own success. You work alone, and never ask for my help. Families are falling apart. Divorce is the accepted norm! Abortions rob the Earth of souls in which I had deposited treasures! Worst, I come last! I am left alone in the tabernacles of the world. Few souls truly adore Me, with sentiments worthy of my Supreme Majesty! I am not part of your lives! Many of you have completely shut me out. You raise atheist children in the name of peace... You do not want to make waves... You fear the "religious freak" label, and listen to Satan's directives for a New Age! A New Age! Wake up, my Little Ones!  I will not force myself upon you. I refuse to enter hearts which are not mine. My children, many of you pretend to follow my commandments, and  are hypocrites within my Holy Church! I will expose you. I will destroy the facades many have built. I will purify the Earth one last time, before I establish my Reign of Love. The world as you know it will cease to exist. Repent! Return to Me while there is still time. I will shine my Light in the hearts of my true disciples from this day forth as never before. I will bless those who are truly Children of Light, and guardians of Hope. Those who open their hearts to this message of love, and who decide to change their hearts to please Me, will quickly earn my favor, and fall under my divine protection. Shalom

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Visionaries of My Great Love and Mercy

I bless you. I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the King of your hearts. I love you so. You are jewels to my Crown, and you bear my seal upon your souls. Rejoice my Children, for you are growing in love. You walk the path to holiness accompanied by Me, your holy Mother Mary, and the communion of saints. Angels guard your bedside, and surround you at all times. You are my Chosen Ones. You have been richly gifted. Since the moment of your conception, my Master Plan for you all was glorious. You are to become true missionaries of my Great Love and Mercy to mankind. Many of your sisters and brothers in love are lost at the present time. I encourage you to increase your petitions before my throne in their favor. I encourage you to pray without ceasing, and to tickle my heart with your words of compassion. O Sons and Daughters of Glory, listen to Me, your Divine Father. Time is of the essence! I know you understand when I say that I need you. This day, I make myself a Beggar-King, and I command you to love with every fibre of your being. You must resemble Me. The more you grow in love, the more your prayers will bear fruit. I Am counts on you to be faithful, obedient, and worthy ambassadors of my Kingdom on Earth. Soon, very soon, I will return in glory to the Earth, and establish the era of peace. You are in the middle of the tribulation, and much purification is needed to cleanse the Earth, and the souls of my children. Your mandate is to convert as many of them as possible through your example, and your great love for Me. My favor rests upon you all, and will increase as your love becomes more and more like a diamond. You must reflect Me to the world. Some of you will cease to exist in this life as you know it in order for Me to take over your bodies completely and walk this Earth. I will work through your hands. I will use your eyes, your lips, your feet, your silence to touch the hearts of my disobedient children. Go now. Be my disciples in love. Transform the world in my holy name. Great will be your reward. I grant you the desires of your heart now. I grant you the graces you need to exercise your mandates, and the courage to proclaim my word every where you set foot. Remain in my love. Never allow the troubles of the world to touch your hearts. Trust in Me. I will do the rest. I Am the author of your days. I Am leaves you his kiss of peace. At night, rest in my glory, and I will refresh you, recharge your spirit, and set you on Fire with my love. Serve, and I will manifest myself in all my glory to the world through you... Shalom

Friday, 22 July 2011

Leaders of the World

Sons and Daughters Appointed by Me to Serve,
I love you. I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the author of all things you hold dear to your heart. I have anointed many of you. I have watched you plan your daily activities, and fail miserably. I have waited for many of you to return to the fold! Many of you are sons and daughters of Darkness. Some of you plan the destruction of my Holy Church. Many of you desire to conquer the world, to take hold of it, to call it your very Dominion... This I will not allow. I alone reign Supreme over the Earth. I will not share this position. I control the universe, and hold it in my hand... Do not be fooled. I hear, and see everything. None of your dark secrets escape Me! You will be brought to your knees. You will honor, and obey Me, the Great I Am. Prepare to render an account of your doings, and also to suffer. Many nations will soon disappear from the face of the Earth! I have given you enough time to change, and amend your ways. Judgement will soon be yours. Assassinations will occur. Citizens of the World will watch in terror as their worlds are transformed. They will not know what to do when Heads of State are killed by the forces of Darkness. Freemasons of the World have been planning a coup for many many years now. They will put this plan into action, but I will put a stop to it. Hear me! I command you to lead in all integrity, in humility, and to serve in love. Legislate for my glory or you will be responsible for every tear that is shed in your respective countries.  Act now! Time is of the essence. This is not a game! I respect your free will, but your time is running out. To those who hear my warning, and have a true change of heart, I leave my blessing. I promise to help you, and to protect you as you restore order to My world. Shalom

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Freemasons of the World

Freemasons of the World,
I Am. I Am the Great I Am. You have chosen Satan. Prepare for an eternity of torment. Amputations have begun. I will amputate your legs. You will be brought to your knees! You will suffer during this purification period. All Children of Light will be able to identify you with ease because your legs will have been taken by Me! The higher your rank, the more leg I will take... Look around you. Already some of your Brothers have lost a limb! Already some have died and been thrown in my prison to endure an eternity of torment. You have chosen Satan, and I will honor your decision by letting you go. This is your last invitation to repent, to convert, and to return to the fold. You are now Children of Darkness. You have closed your hearts to love. You have condemned yourselves to cross over into the Spiritual Realm of Fire! You are marked for perdition. Tremble now. Tremble for what is before you. You will suffer on this Earth from this moment on. Your works will be revealed. Your desires to destroy my Holy Church will fail. I will be victorious. Do not refuse my mercy upon your souls. Return to Me before you draw your last breath. This is the last time I negociate with you out of love. Hear me. I Am. I Am the King of All Nations. My prison awaits you all. You will know my wrath! Your day of judgement approaches. You will reap unimaginable suffering. Be warned.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

See The Mess You Are In

Children of my creation,
Hear me. I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, your God. Have you seen the state of the planet? Take a good look at what you have done with the Earth! There is pollution everywhere. The animals are dying, disappearing forever. You say that you are in control, that you know what you are doing. You have doctors, scientists, researchers in all parts of the world, yet things are in a degradation never seen before. I entrusted the planet to Adam, and his descendants, and now is the time to finally admit that you need my help. Some of you think that you can make yourself into Gods. Some of you claim to be Gods. Some of you worship other Gods. I will not be silenced. I refuse to allow this to continue. I command you to contribute. You must do your share. Save the planet, but most of all, save your souls. I will eventually recreate the oceans, the air, and the entire planet you have destroyed, and breathe life back into it. The planet I had created for my glory is no more. When I look down upon it from my heavenly throne, I see nothing but ruin. My Little Ones, console my wounded heart. Promise that you will change your ways. I command you to open your eyes to the realities that surround you. Open your eyes, and see what you have done! Then, kneel before me, beg my forgiveness, and repent. I need docile souls to assist me in this massive undertaking. Creating a world of harmony amongst you will take time. We need to start now. I will guide you to this end. But I demand that you give me complete control of the operations. If leaders of the world refuse to comply, I will be wasting my time. Believe me when I say that time is of the essence. Purification has begun. Nations will soon begin disappearing from the face of the planet, and you will be forced to work in unity to survive. I Am, your father, I Am, a loving God, desires to bless you all without exception. Let not your hearts be troubled when I share parts of my Master Plan with you. Accept my will in all things, and things will return to order thanks to me. Pray my children. Pray for the Earth. Each nation must have its' own prayer warriors before my throne. I place my seal on the hearts of those open to this word. I leave you my peace. Rejoice for great will be your reward. The souls which have my favor will succeed in everything they undertake. They will lead others to me, and you will recognize them by their fire. Shalom

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trust Me Completely

Children of the World,
Hear me. I Am. I Am the Giver of Life. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the King of Kings. Rejoice! I wish to grant you the desires of your heart. I wish to bless you, and to crown you for my glory. O my Little Ones, time is of the essence. Purification has begun. Listen to my instructions. Forget the pleasures of this world. Set your eyes on the prize... I call you to holiness. Reform your ways. Seek me in all things. Assist those in need. Do not be deaf to the pleas of your brothers and sisters in love. If you have received riches, share. Give. Nations of the world are divided. Work towards peace. Change your hearts. I command you to live in harmony. I command you to protect life at all cost! Do not test me. Live each day as if it is your last. Prepare to meet me. I await the day of your glorious entry into Heaven. I truly want to crown each of you when you cross over into the Spiritual Realm. If you keep my precepts, I will honor your decision. I will bless you with eternal life! Remember this always. Hell exists. Do not be fooled. Do not gamble with your eternal destination. For what you decide out of ignorance, disbelief, or indifference, I will respect. I will always respect your free will. Know that whatever you decide for yourself will be. Live in me. Abide in me, and all will be well. Choose to be the best you can be, each day. Each day, love a little more. This will assist you in your walk to holiness. Be not afraid. Take baby steps. Trust me completely. I will do the rest, speak to your soul, and show you the way. Allow me to mold you into instruments of my mercy. I place my kiss upon your hearts. I await your permission to act with power in your lives. Shalom

Monday, 18 July 2011

Prophetic Word

Word received Monday July 18th 2011

Children of my Divine Heart,
I love you. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of all things. I call you to holiness. I call you to change your ways, and to follow me in all the things you do. I desire to bless you in abundance. I command you to love, to serve, and to obey. Little Ones, I have created you for greatness. I have created you for my glory. My heart rejoices when you give me permission to enter into your lives. Do not push me away. Seek my will in all things. My Master Plan is unfolding before your very eyes. I have left nothing to chance. I have foreseen the obstacles brought about by the manifestations of your free will in your lives. I have adapted my plans to encompass your mistakes. My children you err, and often rely upon yourselves to succeed. You must depend on Me, your Triune God to bless you. I have anointed many to guide you. Obey my call. I promise to accompany you on your journey, if you choose to become ambassadors of my Mercy, and Love to the world. Will you accept my invitation to serve? I await your response. Remain in my love. Few are true receptacles of my glory on Earth... This saddens me immensely. I leave you my kiss of peace. Shalom