Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Command You To Reform Your Lives, And To Reprogram Your Minds

Children of Love,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Great I Am. Love speaks to you now. You have found favor before Me. Rejoice. I call you to holiness. I call you to persevere in love. This is difficult for you, I know. You are creatures of habit. It is very difficult for you to make changes in your lives. Children, do not despair. I Am walks with you. I abide in you. Listen to Me when I encourage you to persevere. Many of you fall to temptation. You fall repeatedly. You remain indifferent to change, and you have been taught to accept sin as the norm. My Children, just because everyone on the Planet is doing it, does not make it right! Sin is now a way of life for many of you. You must rebuke all forms of sin, and reject all occasions to sin. My Children, you must persevere. Many of you have mortal sins upon your souls. It will take only one such sin to condemn you to an eternity of Fire. My Children, wake up! I love you, but if you choose to disobey, you will be cut away from My grace. This is not what you should strive for each day. You need to strive to attain perfection. You need to grow as close to Me as possible.  You need to increase in virtue. Hear Me. Time is of the essence. This is not a game. Many of you think that Hell does not exist. Many of you have accepted mediocrity, indifference, disobedience, and self-gratification as ways of life. You live for pleasure. You live for riches. Satan has taught you well. However, realize that none of his teachings will open the doors to Heaven to you. All Satan's teachings will lead you to an eternity of suffering, and torment. You would do well to remember this, and to plan your life accordingly. My Children, you gamble with your eternal destination. That is the last thing you should leave to chance! I command you to amend your wicked ways. I command you to reform your lives, and to reprogram your minds. I command you to love. You have been encouraged to engage in acts of self-gratification by demons, lost souls, and many Children of Darkness. Children, do not be deceived: Satan is real. He has many followers. His disciples engage in blasphemous acts, in acts of violation of all kinds, in imaginable acts of hatred. Do not join any cults, My Children, for this will lead to your demise. Do not engage in any act of hatred. Hear Me. I command you to love. If you fail to comply, you will answer to Me. This day, I grant graces of conversion to the hearts of those who accept this teaching. I grant graces of conversion that will quickly grow to fruition in you, and transform you into instruments of Light, Truth, and Love. Remain in My love, always. I leave you My Triune Blessing. My Divine Will shall triumph. Do not doubt this for one instant. I will have victory. This victory will be complete, and perfect, as I Am is perfect. Shalom