Monday, 31 October 2011

I Will Punish All Those Who Enter Into A Covenant With Satan

Children of Love,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Rejoice for I make all things new. I call you to holiness. I call you to love. This day, more than ever, I call you to serve. Beware the snares of The Deceiver. Beware his traps, and ruses. I call you to minister to My Children in charity, in humility, and in obedience. Many children will cross over into the Spiritual Rhealm of Fire this day. Children born to honor Satan will be sacrificed to him this day. Do not close your eyes to Truth. Do not turn your backs, and pretend that all is well on your planet. This night, many Sons and Daughters of Darkness will commit sacrileges. Many will blaspheme. Many will enter into covenants with the Beast, and worship Satan. This is a night of deception, a night of crime, a night of immoral behavior. You should not rejoice this night. You should mourn with Me. You should try to console My broken heart, and call down My mercy on those who would stray from Me, and My Most Holy Precepts. Blood will be on altars. Hosts will be used in satanic rituals, this night. If you could only see all that I witness from My Throne of Grace. You would see the extent of the corruption which defiles My creation. O My Little Ones, I call you to pray this day. Pray with all your heart. Pray for an end to these evil practices. Bless all Children as they come to your doors. Have them at least leave your presence with more than just candy. Have them leave under your protection, and love. I leave you free will. I respect your choices. I invite you to comply to My Divine Will. Call down generational blessings upon those you love. Do not stand by, and just pretend that all is welll on this night. Do anything in your power to honor Me this day. Worship the Great I Am. Only I deserve your praise, and worship. Do not bow to idols. Do not bow to Satan. Hear Me. I will punish all those who enter into a covenant with Satan. I will show no mercy to those who refuse Me, and deny my very existence upon death. I Am rules. I Am commands you to kneel in adoration. I Am will not tolerate that other gods take My place in your hearts. You would do well to remember this. You eternal destination depends on it. You have to decide now. Will you honor the Covenant that I made with your Fathers, or will you choose Satan over Me? I tell you most solemnly that I have been patient all these years. However, your time is running out. You must decide once and for all. Reject Me, and you will scream for forgiveness, and be left to undergo the tortures of Hell, and the fire of Truth on your soul. This is not a game. Do not gamble with your eternal destination. I leave you my kiss of peace. Shalom