Friday, 4 November 2011

Do Not Preoccupy Yourselves With Social Trends

I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am speaks. Open your hearts to Me. Give Me permission. Surrender to Me. Surrender to My Divine Will for you. Many of you rely on yourselves. You have shut Me out. You have turned from Me. You have opened your hearts to sin. You have corrupted your thoughts, corrupted your souls. Few of you are now in a state of grace. Few of you would enter into Heaven if you were called to cross over into the Spiritual Rhealm today. Does this not alarm you? Does this not indicate to you that something is terribly wrong? My Children, you must keep My precepts. You must honor My Holy Commandments, and obey in all things. Do not think that you can break one part of the Law, and be found worthy. Do not think that I will be merciful if you fail to comply. If you reject one commandment, you reject them all. If you break one commandment, you break them all. I invite you to grow in holiness. I invite you to cut yourselves off from the ways of men. Do not preoccupy yourselves with social trends, for these will bring about your downfall. Do not worry about rising to greatness. Believe Me when I tell you that those who have received blessing upon blessing will need to render account of their decisions. If I bless you with riches, you will be asked to answer for any transgression, any storage made, any sterile accumulation of wealth. Wealth is My gift to humanity. Only those with generous hearts have been granted this favor. If they fail to share with others, they will answer to Me. I Am is a just God. I Am is a merciful God. I Am desires to trust you as much as you trust Me. This is why it is important for you to trust Me completely. Do not trust Me only 5% of the time. Trust Me always. This instruction will serve to open your eyes to the Truth. My Children, you do not trust Me. You point the finger, and blame Me for things which are now occuring, and you forget to place all your trust in Me. This is the key to your happiness. You must become care free. You must become as little children, and let Me carry you through all storms. I tell you solemnly that if you have no trust in your heart, you are not My child. My Children walk in faith. They walk in expectant faith of better days to come. This suffices to calm all their fears, and anxieties. Will you finally decide to trust your Heavenly Father today? Will you finally bless Me with your promise of dependance? You must rely on Me completely. If you rely on yourselves, you will err, and sin even more. Rejoice for the waiting period nears completion. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom