Saturday, 12 November 2011

Do Not Think That I Will Accept Ignorance As Your Defense

Children of Love,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. Love speaks to you now. Open your hearts. Surrender. Give Me permission. I desire to instruct you for My glory. O My Little Ones, I have waited for you to enter into communion with Me for so long. Many of you reject My statutes, and tokens of love. My heart breaks each time I lose one more soul to The Deceiver. Hell is filling up, while Heaven is becoming less and less populous. Those who go directly to Heaven upon their passing are few. They are the exception. Many are submitted to the purifying fire of purgatory. Many more descend into Hell, and upon arriving there scream to Me for Mercy. Children, be aware of each word, each sin of omission, each lack of love in your life for you will need to answer to Me for all shortcomings. My Children, do not think that I will accept ignorance as your defense. Each of you has had the occasion to speak with strangers about Me. I have dispatched angels to your side many many times in hope of convincing you to return to the fold. I have graced each of you with manifestations of My wisdom, mercy, and love. You have no excuse. Prepare to meet your Maker.
Prepare to answer for all your transgressions in love, all your breaches of peace, all your attachments to pleasures of the flesh. You live by feeling, and feeling alone. You were created to live for My glory, yet you glorify everything but Me. I will no longer sit in silence, and await your expressions of love. I am left with a remnant of obedient Children. I will soon deposit treasures of grace in their souls, and arm them for My glorious Return. They will be armed in love, in joy, and in truth. They will work miracles on Earth, and rest in My arms of Love upon their passing. I will reward them, and crown them for My glory during the time they have left on Earth. I will send them out, and provide for all their needs. I will be their God. They will be My Children, and will have My favor. You would do well to side with them. You would do well to glorify Me with all you say, and do from this day forth. You would do well to keep your focus on Me, and to abandon your need for honors. Live in all humility, and walk in love. I command it. My will be done! I leave you My Triune blessing, and seal your hearts with My peace. Shalom