Thursday, 17 November 2011

Embrace The Give-Give Lifestyle

Children of Love,
Rejoice! I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am. Love speaks. Hear Me. I invite you to look for answers. I invite you to examine your lives, and especially your motives. My Children, you must have pure hearts. If you fail to comply, your existence will be filled with trials. I will refine you as gold, and bring you to your knees until you learn to obey. You must learn to glorify Me in all things. Some of you insist on honors. Some of you have been conditioned by Satan to claim things which do not belong to you. You feel that you deserve priviledges. You think that you should always get things in return for your efforts. You have been taught to give, and take. My Children, you are never to expect anything for your actions, for good deeds. I invite you to change your thought patterns. Embrace the give-give lifestyle. This is My call to you this day. Give, give, give always. Do not expect status. Do not expect any form of recompense for your labours of love. In time, I will reward you, and bless you in abundance for all things you do in My Most Holy Name. Remember this always. If your reward is not immediate, know that the Great I Am sees all, knows all, and forgets nothing. All acts of love, no matter how small, will be recorded. Each kind word, each look of encouragement, each gesture of compassion will merit My attention.  I will crown all My Children when they appear before Me, and I will bless them beyond imagination. For the time being, I call you to give of your time, give of your person, give of your material possessions to those in need. Do not keep count of what you are giving away. Give more than what you keep for yourself. Do not grow attached to things of this world, for I tell you solemnly, they shall pass. I leave you My kiss of peace. Remain in My love. Walk in obedience, and in all humility. Shalom.