Saturday, 5 November 2011

There Is Power In Your Participation At Holy Mass

Children of Love,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Provider. I call you to holiness. I call you to walk in complete trust in Me. Rejoice, My Children. Rejoice for I make all things new. My Master Plan is underway. I rebuild. I restore. I transform what is unworthy. I come to you in love. Do not turn your backs to Me. I never forget you. I never leave your side. I Am is always there for you, whether you accept this Truth or not. I Am desires to grow close to you. Many of you push Me away. Many of you have made up your minds that only luxuries count, that only money matters. Money has replaced Me in the hearts of many of My own Children. This saddens Me immensely. My broken heart refuses to let you go. I persevere. I hope, and trust in you. I trust in your free will. I trust in the treasures that I have hidden in your souls to come to fruition. I trust that you will grow in wisdom, and that this separation will be a short one. O My Children, can you stand to be separated from those you love? Can you stand to be without them, without their love, and presence? Then why do you think that I, the Creator of All, enjoy being so alone? In many churches of the world, I Am is left alone. Churches are empty. Mass is celebrated before a few. Mass is one of My greatest gifts to you! Look at the state of My Church. My own Children fight with each other because they do not want to attend mass. My Children play hockey instead of kneeling before Me in adoration! My Children find excuses to miss the Most Holy Mass. Their hearts have grown cold. Their hearts have grown indifferent to the gift of transubstantiation. I give Myself in love, and you fail to respond to My love. You see only bread and wine upon the altar. You refuse to believe that I Am would give himself freely, to all, with such great love. You err. I give Myself daily. I give Myself in perpetual sacrifice. I give Myself in order to allow you all to reach perfection. Each time you consume the Most Holy Eucharist, you grow in holiness. Each time you consume the Sacred Host Of Love, your soul grows in virtue. I bless you each time you receive Me in a worthy fashion. My Children, this day, I invite you to be faithful. I invite you to receive Me with great love. I desire that you honor our covenant of love. I desire that you remember this covenant when you make your way towards the priest. I invite you to consider this an act of love par excellence. Enter into communion with each other, and with the Celestial court. The Communion of Saints is another gift you neglect. There is power in your participation at Holy Mass. There is great power to be received. There are gifts to claim in abundance at this time. You would do well to remember this, and to make it one of your life's goals. Attend the Most Holy Mass, and receive Me with a heart burning with desire. This is My Will for each, and every one of you, My Children. Burn with desire for your God. Burn with desire for Me. I command you to love. I command you to love Me with all your might, with all your soul, with every fibre of your being. You are not to love anyone or anything more than Me. If you do, you will reap the consequence of your disobedience. Hear Me. Rid yourselves of idols. Do not kneel before the Beast. I command you to glorify My Holy Name, and to live for Me, for Me alone. I bless you now, and leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom