Tuesday, 1 November 2011

You Must Learn To Make Sacrifices, And To Endure

Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the King of All Nations. I come to you in love. I seek you out. Rejoice. I desire to abide in you. I need prayer warriors. I need your assistance. Please respond favorably to My request. I desire to use you as powerful instruments of My mercy, and grace. I desire to transform you for My glory. Many of My Children have turned their backs to Me. They ignore My instructions, and push Me aside. I hold no place in their lives. They live without Me. They think that they can solve all their problems, that they can accomplish great things without Me. If they only knew the Truth. Everything they have is a blessing from Me. Everything they own is My gift to them. Everything they hold dear was given to them through My hands. Nothing was left to chance. Nothing was of their doing. Children of Love, please see your lives for what they are: gifts of My grace. You have been created to serve. You have been created to love. You have been created to glorify My Most Holy Name. This is your life mandate, yet many of you live without even giving Me an after thought. You live, and are of the world. You err. You would do well to remember that an existence without Me is senseless. I give all things their meaning, their purpose. Without My intervention, your lives would amount to nothing. I have blessed you beyond imagination, and I desire to continue to pour out My rich blessings on those who will invite Me in their hearts, and lives. This represents so little of you. This day, seven billion people share the Earth, and all that she has to offer. Seven billion people share the land, the water, and all resources that were created by My hand. Yet those who glorify My Majesty remain the exception. They are the minute remnant who bows down in adoration daily, and who honor My Divine Presence in the Holy Eucharist. If you could see the millions who burn in Hell this instant you would not find this news so amusing. Children, more than ever I invite you to allow Me to be part of your lives. More than ever, I call you to serve for My glory, and to strive for holiness. I do not wish to lose any more of you to Satan. His deceptive ways have emprisonned many of you, and rendered you helpless. You are now more vulnerable than ever. You are without discipline, and you seek self-gratification more than your ancestors ever did. Children, you must learn to make sacrifices, and to endure the trials I send you. You must grow in patience, in obedience, and in humility. Each day, you must improve upon your faults, and your weaknesses. You must harnass your desires, and curb your needs. All these things must occur in order for you to grow on your path to holiness. Sacrifice will draw you closer to Me, and help you to understand the grandeur of love. I leave you My Triune Blessing. Shalom