Thursday, 25 October 2012

All Sin Renders Your Prayers Unworthy Of Being Answered

Children of My Divine Heart,

I love you with an everlasting love. Find shelter in My arms, and trust in Me. Open your hearts now. Surrender your free will to Me. Give Me permission to minister to you. You need Me. Admit your shortcomings, and return to Me in all humility. Do not let emotions rule your life. Control your urges to be recognized. Control your desire for greatness. Give Me all the glory, all the recognition, all honors from this day forth. Do not live an existence of ingratitude. Be grateful for Me for all things. Know that I that you possess is a gift from Me. Know that I can take My gifts from you should you fail to use them wisely. All sin keeps you from My grace. All sin cuts you away from Me. All sin renders your prayers unworthy of being answered. Therefore, remain blameless before My sight. Purity is essential to your spiritual growth. Remain pure. Do not be indifferent to the state of your soul. When you have sins to confess, seek out My consecrated Sons, and be right with Me. Know that I will purify you when you need to learn to walk in obedience, in humility, and in faith. I Am, your Father on High, will act. If you decide to test Me, you will be surprised by My reactions, caught in the flames of My refining fire, and corrected in love. I am omnipotent. I will command. I will rule all creatures of the Earth. My kingdom comes. You would do well to remember these facts. Live in expectant faith. Trust Me more than ever. Our covenant is sacred. Do not breech it. I will reward your faithfulness, and transform you for My glory. Accept to serve as My ambassadors, and I will do the rest. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom