Monday, 5 November 2012

All This Is My Gift To America

Children of My Divine Heart,

I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. I Am, the King of Kings. Rejoice. I desire to abide in you. I seek you out. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender with haste. Give Me permission to transfigure you at once for time is of the essence. Purification is underway. Purification now changes the face of the Earth for all time. My Children of America are in tears for they have been stripped of possessions. They have lost things, but My blessing still remains with them. They have their lives, their friends, and even strangers to assist them. I attempt to bring them back to Me through trials. I invite them to prepare for events foretold through prayer, and fasting. I warn them to exercise wisdom when they go to polling stations to entrust the future of their nation into the hands of man. I invite them to pray before casting their vote. They will undergo great trials, should they vote for the wrong candidate. I command them to vote for Life, and to continue praying for the next President of the United States each day so that I may guide him, and reveal My will to him for the nation. Should Americans fail to comply, they will call down My wrath, and endure many more trials. I will do all in My power to bring America back to Me, and the hearts of Americans will change in the process. They will be brought to their knees, and know that I Am is God. All this is My gift to America. Let My Children learn to recognize My presence in their lives from this day forth. I desire to bring many back to the fold. I desire to have all My children with Me in Paradise. Millions have given their souls to Satan, and I plan to show them the Way, the Light, the Truth. So many are lost at this point in time. Millions have fallen prey to Satan’s ruses, and machinations. Beloved, when one soul is lost to Me, I can not bear the thought of being without this person’s love for all eternity. When millions of souls hang in the balance, My heart breaks. I weep, and implore the Saints to interceed in love. I invite them to pray for all lost souls, and encourage them to ask for the conversion of sinners in their own bloodlines. Beloved, return to Me. I long for your embrace. I long to hear your words of love, and adoration. I sit on My throne of glory, and weep as I look down upon the Earth. Console My broken heart, My Children. Console Me. Your Father on High suffers tremendous pain each day. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom