Friday, 14 December 2012

Live In Holy Fear of Me

Children of My Divine Heart,

I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. I desire to instruct you now. Open your hearts. Surrender to Me. Give Me permission to minister to you. I love you with an everlasting love. I have plans for you. Look to Me for guidance. Always seek to please Me in all that you do. So many of My children ignore My wishes. Millions break My commandments each day, and think that I will not punish them. O My Little Ones, do not be fooled by Satan. Keep My laws. Live in holy fear of Me. I Am, your God, expects you to comply, to abandon your sinful habits, and to strive for holiness. In all things, you must strive to please Me. Do not fall to temptation. Make use of My sacraments, and grow in love daily. As Sons, and Daughters of the Most High, you must do all things with great love. Do not stray from the fold. Remain obedient. Be virtuous. Repent. You must make an exam of conscience each night before you retire. You must examine your spiritual progress, and abandon the ways of the world. Be mine. Be faithful to Me in the smallest of things. Then, it will become much easier for you to remain faithful to bigger challenges. Tame the desires of the flesh. Remain pure before My sight. Do not become a bad example for those I place on your path. You will answer to Me for all your shortcomings. I love you, Children. Remain close to Me. Spend time with Me before the Blessed Sacrament. Allow Me to minister to you, and to transform you for My glory. My will be done! I place My kiss upon your souls. I leave you My peace. Shalom