Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Prepare For The Rapture

Children Created For My Glory,
I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am that I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender. Give Me permission to transfigure you into vessels most pure. Beloved, accept My direction. Be holy. Walk blameless before Me. Live as saints. I command you to love. Do not fear events foretold. Pray without ceasing. Pray for the Lost. Spend as much time in prayer as possible. Your prayers will make a difference. My Little Ones, time is running out. Prepare for the rapture. Prepare. Model virtue to your families. When you leave the Earth, and take on your glorious bodies, many will realize that they must follow your example in order to enter Heaven. They will return to Me. Be holy. When you are gone, they will remember all that you have done, all that you have said. Continue to instruct them even as your final days approach. Have sacramentals for them. Have holy water, blessed candles,  scapulars, and bibles. These things will be needed, after you are gone. Some of My Chosen Sons, and Daughters will be left behind to help the masses. Some of them have begged Me to leave them upon the Earth. They know the sufferings, and the dangers that await them, should they stay. Beloved, until the Rapture does happen, I count on your prayers for the Lost. Many will return to Me just before the Rapture. Therefore, pray. Be strong. Stand your ground. Live in faith. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom