Monday, 20 June 2016

Stand Your Ground

Children Created For My Glory,
I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Great I Am. Open your hearts to Me now. Surrender. Give Me permission. Do not delay. I have waited on you for centuries. I have waited, and hoped in humanity. Though millions refuse Me daily, I place My hope in you still. Find peace. Look for Me in every facette of your lives. I Am is there. I direct your step. Search for Me. I manifest myself to you regularly. Many of you are simply blind to the Truth. Open your hearts to Me. Open your eyes. Make an effort to find Me. Desire to please Me in all that you say, think, and do. Do not refuse Me entry. I Am, your God, commands you to obey. Obedience is key. Learn to obey Me in small things first. Mortify your flesh. Gift Me with tokens of your obedience. Draw near to Me. Seek My divine will above all else. Refuse to compromise My laws. Stand in the faith. Stand your ground. Many are trying to control the masses through fear. Never fear Beloved. Stand your ground. Speak up. I hope in you. Rejoice in  My master plan for it nears completion. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom