Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hell Is My Prison

Children Of My Divine Heart,
I love you with an everlasting love. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am that I Am. I Am. Open your hearts to Me now. Surrender. Give Me permission to work in you. You err. Beloved, so many defy My laws, and reject Me. They do not believe in Hell. O My Little Ones, you have been greatly deceived. Satan has lied to you. Hell awaits all those who disobey My commandments. Do not violate My laws. Hell is My prison. The Kings of the world have prisons, and so do I. However, My prison is a place of eternal punishment. You do not want to enter that place. My standards far surpass those of man. No stain must remain upon your soul. Repent. Return to Me. Honor, and glorify only Me. Your lives must witness to My glory. Your lives must be holy. Make no mistake. No thieves, murderers, adulterers, or liars will enter Heaven unless they repent. My mercy is for those who repent of their wrongdoings, and who seek My divine will over their lives. My mercy extends to those who become righteous after they admit their sins, and turn from them. Hell awaits millions. Too many think sins of the flesh insignificant. When they pass, and enter into the spiritual realm, they will regret the error of their ways, and it will be too late for them. They will be condemned to an eternity of torment for having engaged in passing pleasures. They will be unable to say that they did not receive warnings from all those I placed upon their path. I know all things. I know how many times I sent messengers to the Lost to steer them back on course. Hell is the just reward of those who live for the flesh. Become spiritual, My Children. Give your spiritual nature greater importance, or burn forever. I leave you My kiss of peace. I love you so. Shalom