Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hold Your Ground, And Defend It With Prayer

Children Of My Divine Heart,
I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am. Open your hearts to Me now. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission. I await your fiat. Honor Me in all that you say, think, and do. Honor Me until death. Strive for holiness. Uproot all sin from your hearts, and lives. Model virtue to your children. Be kind, and gentle. Love your neighbour. Love those who make you suffer. Let your lives witness to My love. Magnify My most holy name by your actions, and words. Strangers will recognize Me through you. Allow Me to use you for the betterment of society. Division is everywhere. My Children, you have grown selfish. You prefer to be ungodly. Beloved, repent for time is of the essence. Now is not the time to walk alone. Satan claims more and more souls with each passing day. Pray for conversions. Pray for guidance. I will provide for you. Do not fear. Walk in faith. Hope in Me. Even though you feel all is lost, walk in faith. Stand firm. Hold your ground, and defend it with prayer. I encamp angels around you. Find rest in My arms of love. Trust Me. Miracles I promise to perform on your behalf. I will restore relationships, and families. Grow in patience. Wait on Me. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom