Monday, 10 April 2017

A Tremendous Loss

Children Of My Divine Heart,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am. Open your hearts to Me now. Surrender in all confidence. Do not fear. Satan plans to deceive you even more, but draw near to Me. Desire to know My divine will for all humanity. Give Me permission. I wait on you. I have waited on some of you for many years. Decide to mature spiritually. Desire to honor Me, and to obey My every instruction. Pray without ceasing. Keep My commandments, and repent of your sinful ways. I hope in you. Do not force My hand. When each soul descends into Hell, My heart experiences a tremendous loss. Do not believe Satan. He is a liar. He is the Author of Lies, the Deceiver, and the Destroyer. Do not put your trust or your faith in him for you will suffer an eternity of torment. Return to Me. I will never force you into obedience. Repent, and claim your inheritance today. I leave you My kiss of peace. Answer My call to holiness. Shalom