Thursday, 27 April 2017

Return To Me

Children Created For My Glory,
I Am the Great I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am the King of Glory. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Never fear. Give Me permission to transform your very lives. Give Me reign. I Am so desires to draw near to you. Allow Me entry. Kneel before My majesty. Kneel in all humility, and accuse yourselves of wrongdoing. Beloved, I witness all your transgressions, all your sins. I am aware of every curse which has been placed upon your lives. I know all. Return to Me. Repent. Walk in love. Be holy. I ask not for the impossible from you. You have been redeemed at a great price. Accept Me into your hearts. Gift Me now. Do not refuse Me, Beloved, for this would be a mistake. Gift Me with your love. Return to Me, and keep all commandments, and statutes. Hear Me. I hope in you. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom