Saturday, 24 June 2017

Spread The Joy Of Salvation

Children Of My Divine Heart,
I Am that I Am. I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts. Surrender unto Love. Give Me permission. I will never violate you. I respect your free will. Allow Me entry. Allow Me to lead you, to teach you, to speak to your hearts, and to minister to you. My Little Ones, you must grow in trust. Walk in faith. Salvation is My gift to you. Accept My gift in all humility. You have only to accept this gift. Once you accept the sacrifice of Jesus My son, you must learn to walk in faith. The Blood of Jesus cleanses you completely. The offering of Jesus is perfect, and complete. On the cross, Jesus did say: It is finished! The sacrifice is complete. It pleases Me. You are redeemed by Love. Grow in holiness. Walk in humility. Change for My glory. Do not cling to things of the world. Live for spiritual gains. Hear Me, Little Ones. Amass spiritual treasures. Uproot all sin from your lives from this day forward. Understand that Jesus paid in full for your transgressions. Rejoice in this. No works will ensure your entry into Heaven. Become a blessing to others, simply out of joy. Celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross. Celebrate his love for you, even now. Great shall be your joy when you cross over into the spiritual realm. Improve the lives of all those who cross your path, out of love for Me. Spread the joy of salvation around you. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom