Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Expose Lies, And Deceptions

Children Of My Divine Will,
I love you with an everlasting love. I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender. Give Me permission. I wait on your fiat. I have plans for you, for humanity, and for the entire world. Accept My direction. Submit unto Love. Do not give Satan legal ground to torment you. Walk in love. Repent of all wrongdoing, and desire to grow in holiness. We must unite our forces to plan for success. The Darkness must be chased away. Bring all things to Light. Fight for Truth. Expose lies, and deceptions that Satan has entered into the lives of millions. Turn off your televisions, and make time for prayer. Nations that pray will be spared My wrath. Do not disappoint Me. Pray without ceasing. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom