Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Fast When Possible

Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am that I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the One True God. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission. I wait on you. I will never violate your free will. Accept My invitation to serve. Be holy. Uproot all sin from your lives. Give Me reign. Do not give in to temptation. Guard your souls at all costs. Be vigilant for Satan plans the destruction of the Earth. Arm yourselves before you leave your homes in the morning. Protect your families, and plead the Precious Blood of Jesus in order to protect yourselves from demonic attacks. Never tire of prayer. Fast when possible. I desire to change the face of the Earth, but I need your prayer petitions each day. Persevere in love. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom