Sunday, 28 October 2018

Refuse To Violate Your True Purpose In Life

Children of My Divine Will,
I bless you. I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Eternal One. Open your hearts to Love. Surrender. Give Me permission. Gift Me with tokens of your affection. Do not grieve Me so. I witness all your transgressions. Beloved, do not be deceived. Satan plans the destruction of all humanity. He stirs up division between nations, deceives the leaders of the world into compliance, and counts on your silence to secure the domination of the entire world. Do not allow Satan to rule over you. Break free from all lies. Stay informed. Keep a close eye on events occuring at all corners of the Earth. Pray, Little Ones. Pray that My divine will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Pray for this intention daily, and repeat your petitions before My throne several times during the day. Unite yourselves in praying for the establishment of My divine will over the hearts of all humanity. When Adam, and Eve were expelled out of the Garden of Eden, they had lost the Light of My divine will. I expelled them from the Garden, and waited all these years so that My divine will would return to the Earth. Beloved, I have engraved My laws upon your souls. Die to the world. Die to self. Honor Me always, and refuse to violate your true purpose in life. Honor Me, Little Ones. Keep My commandments. All those who do My divine will shall receive great honor when they cross over into the spiritual realm. They will be set apart from all the rest, and known for their desire to obey Me, to honor Me, and to console My broken broken heart. Change your ways, Little Ones. I wait on you. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom