Saturday, 27 October 2018

Speak Of The Importance Of Fulfilling Your True Purpose In Life

Children Created For My Glory,
I love you with an everlasting love. I Am the Great I Am. I Am. I Am that I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender unto Love. Give Me permission. Refuse Me your hearts, and you will regret this decision for all time. Beloved, listen to My voice. Cling to love. My divine will must fall upon the Earth, and so many oppose this very idea. Little Ones, do everything in your power to spread My divine will in your families, your cities, and respective nations. Teach others of the beauty of entering into divine will. Speak of the importance of fulfilling your true purpose in life. Beloved, you were created for My glory, and My glory alone. Each time you stray from My divine will, you offend Me. Desire to align your lives perfectly to My divine will in order to make reparation for sin. Lift up your voices in adoration, and offer up thanksgiving for My mercy, and tremendous love. Many times, I could have destroyed you. I witnessed your transgressions, and opted to remain patient in order to one day regain your love, to one day know your tender embrace, to one day be able to crown you in righteousness. Beloved, how my heart breaks for love of those who reject Me. I know the final destination of all creatures, and multiply the actions of My grace, and mercy in order to sway hearts, and expose the lies you so readily accept as Truthes. Beloved, I hope in you. Believe Me when I say that your soul is your most precious possession. Guard it with all your might. Step out of the Darkness, and return to the Light. Return to Me, Beloved. Time is of the essence.