Adoration + Links

God never ceases to say that He is alone in the tabernacles of the world. Our mandates include prayer, intercession, and worship. Each of us need to get down on our knees as soon as we wake to adore Him. We must be faithful in this! If we are, He will bless us beyond imagination. I invite you to make adoration the center of your life. Forget your worries. Place all your trust in God, then sit back, and enjoy seeing Him in action. He will transform your life, and reward you for your faithfulness, and your obedience. All my best

God the Father desires to have all his Children with Him in Heaven. This is his love letter to you. Take the time to let his words touch your heart.

The Father s Love Letter To You

This is one of my favorite things... It is the Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili. Some day, I hope that God's children, all over the Earth will sing it in unisson. I invite you to sing it once a day. I find that it helps me when I am stressed. I trust that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

God says that we need to Thank Him for everything he does in our lives. This next clip is very inspiring. It contains a message of love to God, a message we need to keep in mind as we go about our daily activities. I ask God to bless this young singer, and to have His face shine upon her as she ministers to his Children through song.

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