Prayer 2

Should you have any petitions for me to bring before the throne of God, I will be pleased to present them to Him each day. Please write them down here. Post them. Be as specific as you possibly can. Start with a thank you. Then make your request, and forward it to me. I will do the rest. I promise to be faithful.

In Order To Grow in Holiness:

Try to honor God with a life of prayer. My advice is to start by cutting back on one hour of television viewing each day. Make this quality time with God in the privacy of your bedroom, or at a chapel of adoration. I have listed powerful prayers below. In all things, remain faithful to your commitment to God. Place Him first. The rest will take care of itself, and you will find that you have time to accomplish everything you set out to do during the course of your day, and much much more. Consider it an investment in your spiritual well being, and that of all those you love. Pray for your enemies. Ask for blessing upon blessing. Do not discriminate.

Devotional Chaplets includes my favorite: the Chaplet of the Holy Spirit
Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament

Chaplet of Conversion
Chaplet of Faith

Chaplet of Our Lady of Tears

Chaplet of the Precious Blood

Prayer to Saint-Joseph for employment

Chaplet of Saint-Joseph for the Protection of the Family

Chaplet of Saint-Michael the Archangel

The Rosary of Liberation  If praying for someone you love, replace the words "me" by this person's name throughout the entire prayer. You may also pray for your family, in which case you replace the word "me" by the words "my family". This is an extremely powerful prayer. It truly works!

For Those In Need Of Immediate Prayer:

I add this video of Father Fernando Suarez. He healed me of a fatal allergy to all nuts. I am now a walking miracle: I eat mixed nuts, peanut butter, and enjoy life. For years I suffered, and lived under the shadow of fear. Now, I am transformed for God's glory, and witness to the beauty of God's Master Plan in my very life. I invite you to pray for Father Suarez as his Ministry expands worldwide. He is one of God's gifts to us.

The Litany of the Saints:

For your listening enjoyment...

This Is My Desire To Honor You: